"[It] just opens our guys up and opens a whole world of opportunity up for them."
Colin is a story teller - a really good one. He conjures up entire worlds, vivid mental images, clever plots and complex
Her Plan to Support Children, Youth, and Adults Living with Autism and their Families highlights the need for increased research
The same focus that make boogers unbearable helps him to ascertain every bit of information from a documentary. To become
Written by Stacey Rushing The other day we had a few girls from the neighborhood over. I was sitting, having a cup of coffee
Medical Discovery News is hosted by professors Norbert Herzog at Quinnipiac University, and David Niesel of the University
You have the power to create a space that is filled with love and acceptance.
The way a culture responds to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities is shaped, in large part, by how disabilities
Written by Kathy Hooven  To the Person Who Doesn’t Take My Son’s Sensory Issues Seriously, Yeah, he’s a picky eater. Yeah
I don’t feel bad for myself and I don’t want other people to either.
Fears have fueled the theory that vaccinations are linked to autism, in spite of research to the contrary. Studies conducted
In honor of Autism Awareness Month, let's set the record straight.
"He saw no issue with the way she behaved because he could see why."
Today, I am less interested in explaining the intricacies of autism than I am explaining how 90lbs of labrador can help a little girl maneuver a world that isn't ready for her. I would like to explain this in the simplest terms, so that this message might be passed on as regularly as possible.
I know you, struggle. I know that verbal doesn't mean what people think it means and I know how crushing it can be to watch other kids reject your child because they're different.