Ashford University

A filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission by troubled Bridgepoint Education raises questions about the
In the for-profit college field, it appears that what works are preppy-sounding family or village names, evoking Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Amherst -- in other words, evoking exclusivity, nurturing, tradition, success, power.
If you go to a large state university with 30,000 students, which accounts for half of the town's population, a bigger school
But the more citizens become aware of bad practices in this industry, and the more they make clear that they are tired of members of Congress defending these bad actors, the more likely it is that the corruption will end.
Over the past week, Bridgepoint has been in damage-control mode, issuing a series of public releases and internal memos to
The hearing instead focused on the question of how a gargantuan online college, larger than the University of Texas, could
The accrediting organization that oversees Ashford University, the Higher Learning Commission, requires an institution to