Ashkenazi Jews

Even his colleagues at the Times criticized the conservative writer for citing a paper by a researcher who has been labeled a white supremacist who promoted eugenics.
The House speaker learns about his heritage in an upcoming episode of the TV show "Finding Your Roots."
DNA companies promote their tests as the end of discrimination. That's not what's happening.
Israel, as a democratic, First World ($38,000 GNP/capita) hi-tech power, is often seen as a Western country that accidentally
Even the Mediterranean beaches which once saw Arab terrorists come ashore to kill Israelis lacked any ominous shadows. The week of the election it was still too cold for swimmers. But hundreds of surfers in wet suits rode the waves as if in a peaceful invasion from the sea.
Decisions regarding genetic testing should never be made lightly. The results of these tests can require difficult and life-altering choices, for yourself and your family. Testing should only be done when you can actually use that information to take steps that will have a major positive health or life impact.
Unlocking this genetic code brought new hope to a field of sluggish discovery for which many patients, myself included, feel tremendous gratitude. But we are also deeply grateful for the recent Supreme Court decision declaring that human genes cannot be patented.
When I wrote Jewish Traditional Cooking, I wanted to include the inherited foods but lighten them where possible.