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The HLN anchor read a portion of an email in which Katie Way bashed her age and looks.
"You went to the press with a story of a bad date and you have potentially destroyed this man's career over it."
Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota (1999-2003), was a hot media commodity as the Bush/Cheney administration was
"Yes, there's plenty more that I'd like to tell you about me. For now, I'm every woman."
Ashleigh Banfield spent the first half of her show reading aloud the unnamed woman's words.
While discussing the movement to eradicate the presence of the Confederate flag, a CNN host asked whether we should also
Of course Stelter's mom, Donna, had to poke her head in the shot and say hello. She also proudly noted that Stelter was wearing
"Here you have a man who was addicted, who went out and got the drugs from somebody. That somebody didn’t want him to die
CNN Anchor And GOP Reps Battle Over Shutdown
“Congressman, that's not fair! Don’t you dare put this back on me,” Banfield fired back. Things were tense from the start