Ashley Bouder

The ballerina may be the visual symbol of the art form, but men wield most of the creative control.
Barnes' widow, Valerie Taylor-Barnes, a former soloist with The Royal Ballet, noted that "the very last review that Clive
There is no lake in this 20th century Swan Lake. Which may be a warning from Danish set designer and geologist Per Kirkeby about the crisis of global warming.
Of course, The Ashley Bouder Project was the most popular show of the run, and people begged for seats regardless of price. Somehow, "bravos" echoed despite a banal bill filled with the kind of choreography that is pushing ballet into its grave.
In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the first device that could reproduce pre-recorded sounds. Before this, the only exposure people had to music was live, either in a recital hall or at home in a chamber music setting.
If the high level of dancing on stage continues, the company should expect a very robust and popular season.
Scheller, known as the best "turner" in the company (as in, pirouette turner), is as charming as she is graceful. She gets
There is no one question that our country is currently experiencing a drought of dance in mainstream American culture. Then how do we replant dance in American culture and push the desert back?
She knows herself that she was not given a perfect instrument. Nonetheless, Bouder is perennially one of NYCB's most popular dancers. Certainly it's true that she's probably the fastest dancer in the company but that's not what makes her so popular. It's her happiness.
George Balanchine once said, "See the music, hear the dance." Perhaps Balanchine's successor, Peter Martins, can add, "See the music, hear the dance, Instagram the dogs."
Ballet lovers (and dancers) know it well: the Nutcracker threshold, that moment in early January when another visit to the Land of Sweets might kill you. But New Yorkers are lucky: They have New York City Ballet's winter season to revive them from the sugar crash. You could sense the collective relief in the David H. Koch Theater on Tuesday, at the company's season-opening performance, a program of four ballets by George Balanchine.
As artists and people dedicated to the arts, it is our responsibility to spearhead arts education -- and help integrate it into our education systems.
The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center, home of the New York City Opera, is dark as it undergoes a year of renovation. It is a house of past and perhaps future artistic importance in two art forms.
I had a wonderful night at New York City Ballet the other night. The program, titled "Here and Now", focused on some of the company's newest works, and was kind of a celebration of the future, of 21st Century ballet.