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Ashley Judd’s decision to stay out of next year’s Kentucky Senate race absolutely won’t deprive Democrats of the sort of
During that same exchange, Judd did not respond when asked if she had decided to run against the five-term Republican senator
As Judd has maintained a low profile while she considers challenging Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky in 2014, the media has applied Talmudic scrutiny onto every rumored utterance by the actress.
The higher hurdle is Kentucky law. Under state statute, the Democratic actress's name cannot legally appear on the primary
For Democrats, a Judd candidacy might be a win-win — if not in Kentucky, then on the national stage. Read more on Salon
The Hill also reports that Judd met with Democratic donors in Kentucky last week. During that dinner, Judd reportedly told
Actress Ashley Judd is getting serious about a possible run against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but she may have
"They took her at her absolute prime. They made her look great. Most beautiful pictures of her I've ever seen. They had her
While Judd's candidacy remains purely hypothetical, McConnell and state Republicans appear to be trying to get a read on
McConnell took 49 percent to Judd's 40 percent, according to results released Wednesday by the GOP firm Harper Polling and
Karl Rove's American Crossroads is spending $10,000 on an online ad taking aim at actress Ashley Judd's political views -- the latest sign that her possible challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is one Republicans take seriously.
Karl Rove's American Crossroads is spending $10,000 on an online ad taking aim at actress Ashley Judd's political views -- the
Actress Ashley Judd and Indy Car driver Dario Franchitti are ending their marriage after 11 years, and, yes, the news impacts
While the PPP poll gave McConnell an abysmal 37 percent approval rating, the Voter/Consumer Research survey showed him with
"President Obama and his allies have not only pressed harder on the gas pedal as we careen toward the cliff, now they’re
1. Senator Mitch McConnell is very unpopular right now. My argument against this remains based on fundamentals. The Democrats
McConnell's campaign dismissed the poll's methodology on Twitter, saying automated surveys like those conducted by PPP can
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] Besides, what's the point of trying to take out McConnell, anyway
Paul went on to mock Judd for splitting her time between the U.S. and Scotland, where her husband was born. Judd is an eighth
Also on MSNBC, political analyst Howard Fineman said Kentucky donors are on board as well. "They want her. I know they want