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Ashley Judd’s decision to stay out of next year’s Kentucky Senate race absolutely won’t deprive Democrats of the sort of
On Thursday, conservative pundit Sean Hannity weighed in on Judd’s potential race for Senate, urging the 44-year old actress
As Judd has maintained a low profile while she considers challenging Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky in 2014, the media has applied Talmudic scrutiny onto every rumored utterance by the actress.
The higher hurdle is Kentucky law. Under state statute, the Democratic actress's name cannot legally appear on the primary
For Democrats, a Judd candidacy might be a win-win — if not in Kentucky, then on the national stage. Read more on Salon
Beshear continued, "There are a number of people that are still talking about running for the U.S. Senate, and I think she
Actress Ashley Judd is getting serious about a possible run against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but she may have
Real estate mogul Donald Trump had harsh words on Wednesday for an American Crossroads ad targeting a potential Ashley Judd
Roll Call breaks down their apprehension: While Judd's candidacy remains purely hypothetical, McConnell and state Republicans
While Judd hasn't announced any decision as to whether she'll run, the possibility has raised considerable interest and apparent
Karl Rove's American Crossroads is spending $10,000 on an online ad taking aim at actress Ashley Judd's political views -- the latest sign that her possible challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is one Republicans take seriously.
The ad, released Wednesday and called "Ashley's Story," highlights clips of the actress professing her support for Obama
Actress Ashley Judd and Indy Car driver Dario Franchitti are ending their marriage after 11 years, and, yes, the news impacts
The poll, by Republican firm Voter/Consumer Research, demonstrates that McConnell's camp is taking the possible challenge
McConnell's unpopularity has sparked interest in a potential challenge in 2014 by actress Ashley Judd, a Democrat. PPP found
My argument against this remains based on fundamentals. The Democrats that succeed in this region, at this level, look more
McConnell, who eked out a slim victory in 2008, has already begun preparing to fight for reelection. He hired former Ron
At any rate, let me just stipulate up front that I think Judd is just swell and I'll take Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Kent.) at
"I cherish Kentucky, heart and soul, and while I'm very honored by the consideration, we have just finished an election, so
”If you had an Ashley Judd-McConnell race, I think it would be as high profile a race as Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown