Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

“When the United States enters into a trading relationship with other countries or other peoples, we will from now on expect that our partners will faithfully follow the rules."
The storm hit just days ahead of the APEC summit of Asia-Pacific leaders.
6. Hospitals: Several public health institutions have been shut down except for emergencies or are operating on much reduced
Beijing's sparring with Abe has produced underwhelming results. An international public relations blitz following Abe's Yasukuni trip -- to remind the world of Japan's past aggression and warn of resurgent militarism -- resulted not in a chorus of condemnation of Tokyo but in wariness of excessive Chinese rhetoric. Nor did harsh criticism of Abe undermine his standing at home.
As trading partners enter into deals, these economies must ensure that Internet-friendly policies are incorporated not just for the benefit of the Internet industry but also for the benefit of their market, citizens, and their economic future.
This last week, Russia has been in the headlines and in particular Vladivostok, where the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit is occurring.
On Monday, after the group was arrested, Governor Abercrombie announced that the Iolani Palace would be closed during the
Obama is seeking to assure allies of a U.S. "pivot" as China flexes its economic and military muscles in Asia and beyond
The event occurred just days after a federal agent shot a local man. The agent has since been charged with second-degree
What will Hu Jianto and President Obama discuss during his visit? The dire case of Chen Guangcheng, whose life hangs in the balance, the millions of lives China's One-Child Policy is "preventing" -- or simply business?
Watch for next year's APEC meeting, to be held in Hawaii, to revive the tradition, however. According to the AP, President