Asian Development Bank

Christopher H Lim, Nanyang Technological University and Vincent Mack, Nanyang Technological University Though climate change
At the age 13, Sanita stopped her own child marriage. She was too young to wed, and determined to stay in school, but understood
Like the other multilateral development banks, the Asian Development Bank has endorsed the Extractive Industries Transparency
While China's public pronouncements may at times appear mercurial, they are part of a well-conceived strategy. On one hand
Azerbaijan's government has been waging a repressive campaign against critics, a dramatic deterioration in an already poor
That is a question posed by a report released today by Oil Change International and the Sierra Club, which is an update to
As did the late Lee Kuan Yew during his iron-fisted rule in guiding Singapore's success, China is now advancing an "Asian way" in this newest of multilateral lenders.
Countries should encourage the development of large, legitimate trade unions that truly represent workers' interests and engage productively with employers, rather than stamping out strikes in the fear that they will drive away business.
HONG KONG -- What the world needs is a West that is prepared to learn from the rest of the world as much as it seeks to teach it. It does not need a West at odds with the rest.
SINGAPORE -- The U.S. can no longer dominate world history. A new power has also arrived. The British decision to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was an epochal event. It may have heralded the end of the American century and the arrival of the Asian century.