Asking Questions

These therapist-endorsed conversation starters can help your loved ones open up about how they're feeling amid the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine.
You're not asking your client to solve the problem; that will come after the discovery process, once you've synthesized the
Aim to avert needlessly upsetting interactions by asking instead of assuming the worst about what your loved one feels and thinks.
Not everybody asked questions in return, but I think we all knew that we were genuinely interested in what each other had
It seems that the answer-driven culture in schools, which has been conditioned by endless test-prep, has rubbed off on science teachers where the content should be approached by inquiry.
I later realized that by asking 'what ifs' I was trying to eliminate the true essence of life -- surprise, adventure, and uncertainty. Life follows a twisted path that none of us can foresee. So, why waste time on questions that we can't answer?
The challenge facing students today is how to go from being one amongst the blur of hundreds to a recognizable face, especially should you plan to ask for a recommendation or career help.
We have about 45 million students taking standardized tests across the United States. With this many tests, how can states possibly evaluate complex and creative answers to interesting questions?
There are three areas where improved "questioning" can strengthen managerial effectiveness, and it might be worth considering how you can improve your skills in each one.
Despite receiving a world-class education, I've noticed a clear void in my first two years of graduate school: learning to ask strong and articulate questions.