Asma al-Assad

So a "red line" appears only in conjunction with chemical weapons? I get it, that there is a treaty to which President Obama's illustrative ultimatum refers -- I also know how susceptible the masses are to quotable quips.
Syria has been torn by a bloody conflict between the regime of Bashar Assad and opposition fighters. More than 100,000 people
They did not find it, but they did, however, find valuable information, including some they later used to protect opposition
Late in the afternoon of Dec. 1, 2010, I got a call from a features editor at Vogue. She asked if I wanted to go to Syria
We must not be guilty of not having done enough for the Syrian people. Let us not limit ourselves to what, institutionally, we can or cannot do. We must act.
"Extremely thin and very well-dressed, and therefore qualified to be in Vogue" is a memorable quote from the former editor
Women who seek and assume responsibility in their societies cannot relinquish it when the situation gets difficult by lapsing into the "I am just the spouse" role. Does Asma Assad want to be remembered as a second Elena Ceausescu of the Middle East?
Why are we not talking about Syria? How can we forget those who are suffering in this way? Have we learned to accept the unacceptable?
If our own American Secretary of State must "out-tough the guys" instead of saying all that she wishes she could, what hope have we for Asma? What right have we to blame her?
The European Union has banned Asma from travelling there or shopping from European companies.. (Additional reporting by Michelle
By Michelle Nichols The 15-nation U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday to authorize an initial deployment
The fact that, at the age of 25, Asma al-Assad made a decision to court and marry a man who was being groomed to be the next totalitarian dictator of Syria is a reflection of her character.
The fact that she is buying $6,000 shoes as Syrians bleed to their death, slaughtered by their own government, is utterly disgusting, but why should we be surprised? Do we really expect Asma to be kinder, more gentle of a figure just because she is a woman? Apparently so.
For more about the fallout from Asma and Bashar Assad's emails and the details of the new sanctions, head to
That image crumbled when her husband responded to an anti-government rebellion with extreme violence a year ago. Asma had
Stewart was perplexed by the strange glimpse into Assad's life: Stewart examined the revelations from Bashar al-Assad's email
This time around, the contrast between the situation on the ground and the leaders' shopping habit is even starker. Citizens
The White House State Dinner invitation for Anna Wintour is yet another signal that Obama doesn't understand how important Syria's future is to U.S. national security.
Nesrine Malik, a commentator for The Guardian who calls Asma Assad "one of a breed of educated westernised Arab first wives
The Scriptures tell us that the ruler does not bear the sword for nothing, but to be a terror to evildoers. In vast swaths of the Arab world, however, the ruler is the evildoer.