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In a blow to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign, audio has resurfaced of the former New York mayor claiming that most murderers are young men of color.
The former New York City mayor can be heard defending the controversial policy in 2015 and claiming "all the crime" is in minority communities.
Coats issued a statement to control the damage from his "admittedly awkward response" to Trump's announcement.
In an interview, Kirstjen Nielsen says she hasn’t seen evidence that Russia intended to help President Trump win the 2016 election, contrary to U.S. intelligence agencies’ 2016 findings. The Department of Homeland Security later clarified her comments to say that she “agrees with” the agencies’ findings.
Earlier this month, USA Field Hockey fielded an Olympic team in Rio filled with members heavily connected to the Southeastern Pennsylvania area.
It is tempting to pit racial/ethnic and socioeconomic diversity as competing goals. But there is no evidence that pursuing one kind of diversity keeps colleges from achieving the other.
What specific commitments should colleges and universities make to enrich the education of students for citizenship? How can colleges and universities build more effective partnerships to advance progress toward a more just, equitable, and sustainable democracy?
Although you wouldn't know it from the GOP's presidential candidates, there are signs that more conservatives are warming up to the idea that global warming is real and we really need to do something.
Education at its best isn't just about learning for its own sake, nor only about readying students for work. It prepares the citizens we need to make informed decisions, become active in their communities, and take responsibility for the future.
I remember when E. D. Hirsch published Cultural Literacy and the controversy sparked by his list of things he believed every American should know. His point was that we must all be ready to move outside our comfort zones and work together to make progress.