Some have read the developments on the field, international accords, and the realignments in Iraq and Syria as the beginning
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin says trust with the U.S. has eroded under Trump
Rex Tillerson says Russia must choose between the U.S. and Assad
Rex Tillerson says Russia must choose between the U.S. and Assad
Prosperity built upon the U.S.-led open trading order now enables China to consume more American imports and export less.
Launching a bunch of bombs is “presidential,” according to cable news.
The international community has reacted to the airstrikes ordered by Donald Trump on Syria
Deterrence is an objective, even as the Trump Administration responds to challenges with even more audacious assertions of
A timeline look back at how Aleppo fell back to the Assad regime.
The reconquest of Aleppo is a significant victory for the Syrian regime over the armed opposition which has now been confined to a few pockets in the east of the city. But this victory is drenched in the bitter taste of defeat.
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Second, the future lies with those who lose gracefully and those who win humbly, as Clinton and Trump have done so well. You
Finally, Iranian leaders' political establishment survive on having America as an enemy and on keeping the US the "Great
Assad said he was ready to cooperate with Washington if it ended its policy of supporting rebels seeking to overthrow his government.
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