assassin's creed

A positive and empowering portrayal of women in games reaches beyond the screen. Representation matters. Driving demand for games with positive inclusion of female characters will economically push developers to comply by market standards and address concerns.
very fall, all the big publishers in gaming get together and agree to release all their biggest games over the span of a single three-and-a-half-month period. While no one list could contain all of them, here are some of the most interesting games to look out for this fall.
I can already see myself getting sucked into some pointless game for days on end. If you don't hear from me for, oh, the next 16 months or so, please come steal my son's Xbox and save me.
They probably wouldn't be able to identify him if they saw him on the street, but fans of video games, Cartoon Network, Disney and TLC might be able to recognize Roger Craig Smith if he stopped to ask for directions.
"Black Flag" already has me more excited than I've been for any video game in years. Here are the highlights from the private screening.
This cat is totally indifferent to his owner's game of Assassin's Creed until there are dogs on the screen. As soon as there
Fassbender would play Desmond Miles, a man whose ancestors were expert assassins. Using some whiz-bang technology, he revisits
It's almost as if Nintendo was hellbent on not announcing anything exciting for the system. Heck, most of the "announcements" were already talked up at last year's E3. So what can the company do? They need some buzz and they need it pronto.
As the industry expands beyond the male 18-to-24 market and the budgets for game production continue to rise, creative types