assault rifles

Guns have been around for centuries, but no nation has embraced the firearm like the United States.
The bank pledged in April to stop financing companies that sell military-style firearms to civilians. Remington made the Bushmaster rifle used in the Sandy Hook school massacre.
The big sporting goods retailer joins Corporate America's response to the scourge of gun violence.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio was hammered for his commitment to the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association during CNN’s town hall with the survivors and families of the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.
Let me break the news to my friends in Gun-mob Nation. There's a pretty good chance that a certain person will be president next year and I don't mean Donald Trump.
In the aftermath of the terrible events in Dallas, the argument has once again erupted over the definition of an "assault rifle."
“An officer just pointed a machine gun at me,” a HuffPost reporter said as he captured the moment on camera.
John Lewis has been my congressman for decades ... and my hero for even longer. We had the privilege of recording a conversation
More senseless violence and death... at some point we need to figure out solutions other than prayer.
I will not pray for Orlando because the truth is that God has already answered our prayers. We're just not paying attention.
The NRA would call me an "extremist," and maybe I am. I would have thought I had a ways to go to get to that point, but nobody feels like an extremist themselves, I imagine.
Purchasing a killing machine, even after a national tragedy, is just too easy.
"This is a club that nobody wants to be in," said Christine Leinonen.
The majority that wants gun control should start using Justice Scalia's own ruling to demonstrate that being conservative does not mean rejecting any and all gun control.
Accountability is something we accept in our society. Though America would likely be better off without assault rifles, the facts show that we could save far more lives simply by requiring all Americans to be as responsible with their guns as they are with their cars.
Is the "fun" of a gun enthusiast owning and shooting weapons that can be easily converted to automatic status a national security risk in this age of terrorism where anyone in a population can be radicalized? Are our lax gun laws, designed for maximum profit of the weapons manufacturers, now a liability?
If none of the Republicans were swayed after Sandy Hook, what are the chances now? The only way they'd vote for gun control would be if corporations were getting shot because those are the only "people" they really care about.