assault weapons

The Democratic presidential hopeful doubled down on his controversial call for a mandatory buyback program for assault-style weapons.
The Democratic presidential candidate is defending his mandatory buyback plan after telling gun owners, "Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15."
Patrick Crusius’ mother told police she was worried about him owning the firearm, saying he lacked experience and maturity.
"Mr. President, do something — help America live without fear," the tabloid's editorial board wrote.
The California governor demanded that lawmakers act to protect the public in the wake of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting.
Eight men and three women were killed by suspected gunman Robert Bowers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pennsylvania.
The company pulled assault-style weapons and accessories from their stores in February.
These veterans say their own experiences are driving them to call for a ban on military-style assault rifles.
Even ultra conservative televangelist Pat Robertson is calling for some gun reform in the wake of the Florida shooting.
Lawmakers voted down a motion to advance the long-stalled gun control bill.
Owning one of these instruments of death, given the havoc they’re capable of inflicting, is an affront to God.
New regulation would need to be very restrictive. Millions of these guns would have to be removed from circulation to see any measurable effect on public safety, a politically impossible lift.
In the aftermath of the terrible events in Dallas, the argument has once again erupted over the definition of an "assault rifle."
Congratulations, NRA. The War Against Tyranny has begun, and you just won the first battle.
It's one thing if a 'street thug' shoots another 'street thug,' it's another thing if five police officers were killed and seven others, cops and civilians, were wounded by a guy walking around with a 'sporting' gun.
According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation there are 5-10 million of these massacre machines out there in the US. With all of this potentially large scale lethality floating around, the muzzle velocity of the MCX and other similar assault-type rifles is particularly important
The right of militias, which were made up of individuals in towns all over the thirteen colonies, to own guns makes a lot of sense when understood in historical context.