assault weapons

The new bill reflects a more sophisticated understanding of how guns actually work.
But Sen. Susan Collins, a centrist Republican, said she did not support such prohibitions.
The Friday ruling overturns a lower court decision that attempted to halt the ban of assault weapons after Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed it into law earlier this year.
The star of the 1990s "Hercules" TV series hears it from his critics.
The president said he'd "start counting votes" on the heels of two deadly mass shootings around the country this week.
The Parkland, Florida, mass shooting survivor interrupted a House hearing after Rep. Andy Biggs said more guns are needed due to a migrant "invasion."
After two mass murders by 18-year-olds, raising the age limit for gun purchases appears to be too much to ask.
The Democratic presidential hopeful doubled down on his controversial call for a mandatory buyback program for assault-style weapons.
The Democratic presidential candidate is defending his mandatory buyback plan after telling gun owners, "Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15."
Patrick Crusius’ mother told police she was worried about him owning the firearm, saying he lacked experience and maturity.