asset forfeiture

Much like with drug kingpin El Chapo, prosecutors are seeking a criminal forfeiture of his assets.
A decision this week could be another sign that justices are prepared to restrict the controversial use of asset forfeiture.
Donald Trump Learns About Asset Forfeiture During Meeting With Sheriffs
Civil asset forfeiture has become a big source of revenue for many state and local law enforcement agencies across the country.
When an elected official, even one like Woods who likes Trump, compares police officers to Crips and Bloods, even under specific circumstances, it shouldn't fly under the media radar, like this May 26 statement of Woods did.
A device that can access funds linked to prepaid debit cards is sparking new concerns about civil asset forfeiture.
Boy, it isn't every day you get to write a headline like that! But those are the kinds of feelings Ted Cruz seems to bring out in everyone -- left, right, and center.
Dear Scott Rowland, I had $10K, little more, in the car when I heard you on All Things Considered. You were defending civil asset forfeiture. Your defense, I had to notice, backfired. You didn't defend forfeiture at all. But your comments provided a rich illustration of why forfeiture must be abolished.
In a dissenting opinion to that decision, Chief Justice John Roberts appeared to foreshadow Luis' argument. Last year, the
In New Mexico, a new law set to go into effect in July will completely overhaul the system of incentives for civil asset
When it comes to the 2016 field of Republican presidential candidates, the rule of thumb this time around is obviously going to be "the more, the merrier!" The number of officially-announced Republican candidates actually doubled this week.
Set to go into effect in July, House Bill 560, passed last month with broad bipartisan support in the state legislature and
Johnson added that data collected from 2005 to 2012 by the Institute for Justice suggests the IRS has been overzealous in
Rep. Mike Kelly said IRS asset seizure was worse that water boarding.
Even if you're innocent, you're probably not going home with that money.
This was a busy week in politics, as the Republicans in the new Congress began a bout of legislating and President Obama ramped up his agenda in preparation for next Tuesday's big speech to Congress and the country.
Today's actions by Eric Holder are a good first step to ending the unjust enforcement of this program once and for all. But now Congress needs to pass legislation to make this change permanent.