Herein lies the real irony: You have sex to have kids (generally speaking, anyway) and then they spend their entire childhood
There's nothing better for a woman than when a man truly knows his way around downtown, and doesn't have to ask her for directions on where to go. A man who loves to not only please, but who is really good at it is a keeper, no?
The world is filled with a**holes. They are everywhere. They hit your parked car without leaving a note, cut you off while waiting in line at Whole Foods and literally knock you out of the way on their mad dash to the subway so you face the closed doors instead of them.
Picture this: I'm at a holiday party at a beautiful home. The art adorning the walls is beautiful, the food healthy and delicious, the wines exquisite. I sip my wine, and am introduced to someone I have not met before. This guy is a player -- smart, wealthy and successful. But he doesn't talk to me; he talks at me. He pontificates.
Never was a word that you're not supposed to say naturalized in such a way.
Joining Ahmed in a Google Hangout was Geoffrey Nunberg, an expert in "assholism" and author of "Ascent of the A-Word." Nunberg
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This is a citizen journalist receiving threats; CTBlogger like many in the media, regularly follows Connecticut politics
Across the nation, leading assholes spoke of a sense of loss and sadness caused by the decision, and suggested that they would now be searching for new ways to compensate for their small penises.