Assisted Living

Lenny White offers a barbering service for residential care homes, hospitals and nursing homes. Providing the classic barber shop experience by adding pictures, barber signs and playing music on a jukebox, giving the men a chance to socialise with one another whilst being pampered.
Uneven rules and loopholes mean dangerous health situations are falling through the cracks.
Similar tents have popped up around the country and in places like Brazil and England, where some people call them “cuddle curtains.”
Cases and deaths are up, facilities are short on tests, protective gear and staff.
“Punch her in the face,” one suspect apparently said, according to the documents.
Authorities say Linda Roberts and Mary-Beth Tomaselli killed their 85-year-old father in 2015 because he refused to go to an assisted living facility.
Inadequate staffing and employee training are two common problems that have led to injuries and death in assisted living facilities.
Authorities say Dwayne Frazier made the deal out of his marked patrol car while in uniform.
While some assisted living residents leave their communities to visit family during the holidays, it's not uncommon for residents to stay put.