assisted suicide

An appeals court ruled Tuesday that the state Superior Court failed to consider terminally-ill patients' interests when it blocked the law.
The option applies to patients with a prognosis of no more than six months.
The new legislation gives those with a six-month prognosis or an irreversible fatal illness the right to seek a doctor's help to die.
The Australian scientist and botanist died at an assisted-dying clinic in Switzerland.
The law allows patients to request medication to end their lives. It gives them the choice to change their minds, too.
The Supreme Court nominee's book title tells us all we need to know about where he stands.
She suffers from a degenerative spinal condition and was given approval for assisted suicide in the country in 2008. Stan
What happened to the Sagamihara 19 is not (just) a Japanese story. The mass murder's occurrence interfaces importantly with
By the time you read these lines, I will have died. I have decided to end my life, to exercise my inalienable right to make decisions about my own life freely and responsibly. You will likely ask yourself why? What's the reason for such an unprecedented decision?
"But surely a wish to die is not necessarily a symptom of insanity? A man might want to die for perfectly sane reasons." Harrison