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Because of his strong leadership against government intimidation of the media, The Constitution Project, a bipartisan legal watchdog group, is honoring Gary Pruitt, the President and CEO of the Associated Press, as one of its 2014 Constitutional Champions.
The government is not above the people, but below it. "We the people" created this government; when it encroaches on our freedoms, it is our constitutional right and duty to encroach on its freedoms.
The criminalization of journalists in the United States is not a new occurrence, but the overt and veiled threats to reporters and their sources is becoming less of a rarity.
The email encouraged Santorum supporters to "hold President Obama accountable for his abuses of power." It then went on to
Below, a look back into presidential administrations affected by second-term curses. From the IRS' targeting of tea party
That's a question The Huffington Post posed to several non-profits representing whistleblowers, and to the White House, in
"Looks like bruising the First Amendment at least by me," Poe told Attorney General Eric Holder Wednesday at a hearing before
"This is the phone companies putting the interest of law enforcement before their customers, and that's wrong," said Christopher
“In a hypothetical situation, we’re gonna go after and subpoena hundreds of phone lines, phone records for journalists. Does
Later in the meeting, CBS News' Mark Knoller asked Carney how he was doing considering the rough news week. Carney smiled
As his Justice Department faces bipartisan outrage for searching phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors
"Obama has all these things that he's done to the press on national security matters that Nixon never did," Goodale told
Read the full text of the letter below: In his reply, AP CEO Gary Pruitt said Cole's explanation was simply not good enough
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney reacted to the scandal on Tuesday, calling it "wholly inappropriate" for him to comment
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] “The numerous national-security leaks reportedly originating out
"This is a policy matter, and this does go to the president," he said. "There is no reason that a presidency that is interested
Full Segment: California State Senator Ted Lieu (D) joins Jacob to discuss the late-breaking story of the Department of Justice seizing the phone records of Associated Press journalists.
Though DOJ did not give the AP a specific reason for the seizure, the dates of the phone calls it targeted offered a clear