My recent trip to Moscow and meetings with experts there suggest that Ukraine, which is both historically and geographically
The Trump administration didn't send any representatives to the peace talks.
We are living in times when it is becomes obvious who is a leader and who is not. Who is acting in the area of world challenges related to global warming, energy safety, and nuclear non-proliferation?
New Yorkers are in the enviable position that, sooner or later, everyone will come and visit the city. We do not have to travel the world - even though many of us love to do so - to learn about different cultures because the world comes to us.
Photos: Gerd Ludwig/National Geographic The following is an excerpt from the February issue of National Geographic magazine
Has Kazakhstan turned the corner from its Soviet years? Probably not politically, but the time has come to revisit this Central Asian republic's economic potential.
Inhabitat reports that the arid region of Astana is subject to drastic shifts in temperature, so the Khan Shatyr is designed