asteroid flyby

According to NASA's Goldstone Asteroid Schedule, YB35 is about 500 meters (1,640 feet) in diameter. Beyond that, not much
"Monday, January 26 will be the closest asteroid 2004 BL86 will get to Earth for at least the next 200 years," Don Yeomans
Asteroid 2014 RC isn't the only near-Earth object (an asteroid or comet that comes within 28 million miles of Earth) out
The nature of "The Beast" has been revealed. Benner and colleagues also observed a pointy hill jutting from the middle of
NASA recently partnered with Slooh to get more citizen scientists involved in the search for near-Earth asteroids. While
The shockwave caused by the explosion damaged thousands of buildings and left thousands of people injured, but no one was
Astronomers discovered the 1.7-mile-long space rock in 1998 as part of the MIT Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research program
Watch the video above for a look at the orbit of Asteroid 1998 QE2. Astronomers plan to use radar telescopes to get a good
Later that day, another small asteroid, known as DA14, passed about 17,200 miles from Earth, closer than the orbiting networks
Football Field-Sized Asteroid Seen By Italian Observatory | Video NEOs: Near Earth Objects - The Video Show Huge Russian