Axel Acosta's family reached a confidential settlement, according to their attorney.
The rapper has faced a number of lawsuits following the Astroworld Festival where 10 people died and thousands were injured.
Ten people were fatally trampled in the crowd crush last November at the rapper's Houston concert. More than 4,900 people were injured.
Lawyers for Live Nation said the documentary, which features the experiences of panicked concertgoers in the deadly crowd surge, could "taint" the jury.
Attendees of Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival are suing the rapper after a crowd crush left at least eight people dead and scores injured.
Ten people were killed during a massive crowd surge at the concert and attendees were packed so tightly that many could not breathe or move their arms.
All 10 deaths are being considered accidental.
The rapper said he has “a responsibility to find a solution" in his first on-camera appearance since last month's deadly crowd surge.
Attorneys for the families called the rapper's pledge a public relations ploy that would not alleviate "the pain and suffering that they presently are experiencing."
Ten people died as a result of the chaos at the rapper's Astroworld show.