The Biden administration is seeking suspension of the policy while it fights to end it permanently.
A federal appellate court has refused to delay implementation of a judge's order reinstating a Trump administration policy forcing thousands to wait in Mexico while seeking asylum in the U.S.
The Biden administration is proposing changing how asylum claims are handled.
Republicans have relentlessly dogged the vice president for not visiting the border sooner, but Harris said there was strategy to her timeline.
President Donald Trump made it harder for immigrants to access asylum.
A consortium of groups is determining which vulnerable asylum-seekers should be allowed to enter the U.S. from Mexico.
The Trump-era policy, paused for review earlier this year, kept tens of thousands of asylum seekers in Mexico, often in dangerous conditions.
Vulnerable asylum-seekers who are stuck in the backlog are unable to legally work, pursue educational opportunities, or obtain medical care.
President Joe Biden is struggling to deal with a surge of migrants on the southern U.S. border, as seen in photos showing crowded Border Patrol tents that are not designed for long-term custody.
More than 500 children are still apart from their parents as a result of former President Donald Trump's family separation policy.
Even if Trump loses the election in November, it won't be easy to rebuild the programs and sift through backlogs caused by his administration.
After an arduous journey to the U.S., Osamah Mahyoub was initially denied protection by immigration officials and faced deportation back to Yemen.
The decisions could be life-changing for both men. They also demonstrate the unpredictability of the U.S. immigration system.
Any policies Cuccinelli put in place are now void, according to a court ruling.
The U.S. government has acknowledged that being held in detention can be traumatic for children.
The new rule will likely face court challenges, as previous Trump administration policy changes designed to restrict immigration have.
John Lafferty, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services asylum division chief, has reportedly been “pushed out” by Ken Cuccinelli, the agency's hard-line acting director.
The ruling in California comes just hours after a Trump-appointed judge in Washington, D.C., declined to block the rule.
A union representing federal employees said workers were “duty bound to protect vulnerable asylum seekers."
The plan to lock up more undocumented kids misses what is really driving migrants, advocates say.