The ruling in California comes just hours after a Trump-appointed judge in Washington, D.C., declined to block the rule.
A union representing federal employees said workers were “duty bound to protect vulnerable asylum seekers."
The plan to lock up more undocumented kids misses what is really driving migrants, advocates say.
Under Trump’s new asylum rules, people will be charged a fee to apply for humanitarian refuge in the U.S.
Some lawmakers are scratching their heads at President Trump's suggestion that the country can't accommodate any more migrants seeking asylum.
“What we need to do is the exact opposite of what the president is saying," says John Sandweg, a former acting director of ICE.
The proposal would gut asylum laws for Central American minors — which critics are calling a poison pill.
In the past, unaccompanied migrant children who showed up with a lawyer weren’t turned away from seeking asylum, one attorney said. But now they are.
Parents who were separated from their children under Trump's zero tolerance policy are hoping for a second shot at asylum.
After a legal challenge against his prolonged detention, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agreed to release Ansly Damus on parole.
Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez had "deep bruises" on her body and died of dehydration, an independent autopsy found.
A judge issued a temporary restraining order on Monday barring the administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions.
An administration official told reporters on Friday that the "suspension does not apply" to unaccompanied minors. It does.
Scarlett Baily, who talked to Central American migrants while they rested in Mexico, hopes her drawings will change Americans' "fear of migrants for a collective empathy.”
Immigrant rights groups quickly sued to block the change from going into effect.
Carmela Apolonio Hernandez escaped Mexico with her family after her brother and two nephews were gunned down by gang members.
Immigration officials could still appeal the decision allowing Ahmed Abdelbasit to stay in the U.S.
A judge ordered ICE to follow its own policies and review asylum-seekers for parole.
I often thought of “correcting” my sexual orientation and going back to Ecuador to all of the things I had left behind.
A staggering number of people are seeking safe haven in the U.S. while the Trump administration tries to keep them out.