asylum seekers

Critics say the new policy effectively bans asylum bids for most Central American migrants at the border.
The president previously threatened Guatemala with tariffs.
Mark Morgan told NPR the new rule virtually ending protections, which he called a "pilot," is not being applied to the whole border and likely will be blocked.
President Donald Trump has announced a new crackdown on protections for asylum seekers.
Yimi Alexis Balderramos-Torres was found unresponsive in his detention cell, and died at a Houston hospital.
The ELCA joined forces with local immigrant advocacy groups to try to stop Betty Rendón-Madrid's deportation — but their efforts proved futile.
Advocates say the decision is devastating and puts parents and children in life-threatening danger
Under Trump’s new asylum rules, people will be charged a fee to apply for humanitarian refuge in the U.S.
"I don't want to be taken away from my mom," says 11-year-old Laura Maradiaga.
A Netherlands church has held a 24/7 worship service since October to try to prevent the deportation of an asylum-seeking family.
The "Remain in Mexico" policy does not apply to children traveling alone or to asylum-seekers from Mexico.
After months of working exclusively with asylum-seekers under the Trump regime, I was experiencing the telltale signs of compassion fatigue.
The process leaves migrants with a lot of uncertainty and little legal protection.
With a new myth-busting report, experts hope real health concerns can become part of a “more human” immigration debate.
Watch the late-night hosts demolish President Trump’s migrant caravan fear-mongering.
The Fox News host also shut down a viewer who said the president has intel to support his claims. Smith said, "No he doesn’t. POTUS has politics.”
Immigration lawyers say separated parents are too grief-stricken to focus on their cases.
I often thought of “correcting” my sexual orientation and going back to Ecuador to all of the things I had left behind.
Who can stop the Trump administration from separating families at the border? Democrats and Republicans say it’s each other.
Marco Antonio Muñoz, who was reportedly seeking asylum with his wife and child, is believed to have died by suicide.