atacama desert

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Another lesson I've learned from the guide and will not repeat. I will never ever chew coca leaves with calcium stones again
Just because Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away and we haven't yet mastered that kind of commercial space travel doesn't mean the mood of those places can't be captured here on earth.
The event is known as desierto florido or flowering desert.
Now we know otherwise -- and that could have implications that extend beyond our own planet. The researchers found that the
These amazing destinations get me excited about all the possibilities and all the experiences that can be found around the world for a safari-lover like me.
Specifically, he said: The announcement was made Dec. 4 by the European Southern Observatory, the multinational organization
When I learned there was a place on this earth where there has been almost no measurable curiosity was piqued, and I booked a trip to this extraordinary place -- the Atacama desert in northern Chile.
With about 0.59 inches of rain a year the Atacama, high in the Andes Mountains of northern Chile, is the driest place on Earth, and very likely its oldest desert, going back 3 million years.