What goes around comes back around -- for triple the price.
Items in photo story: Tory Sport Convertible Tech Ponte Blazer: $365 Tory Sport Performance Plaid Golf Skirt: $225 Tory Sport
We're not sure how this would work (work, work, work, work).
The athleisure trend (clothing that can double as exercise gear or a stylish everyday outfit) that's been dominating streetwear is having a ripple effect in the world of weddings as well.
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My faded, tissue-soft t-shirts are clingy enough only the extent that, when inverted, the fabric does not slide up - or down
There has been a lot of buzz about "performance lifestyle" or "athleisure" wear, a sort of fitness-fashion hybrid. How does
Let's be honest. There's another reason for the boom. Americans rock this category on a global scale. The entire WORLD looks
Though the survey might not reflect it, yogis know that a yoga practice is also about community and giving. If you want to do your part to keep the yoga boom going and help independent studios stay healthy, too, recruit someone new to yoga and head to a beginner, level one, or a basics class -- a move that can support someone in their own new endeavor, too.
And Ashley Graham is starring in the campaign.