athlete ally

It has been said that the only thing that really matters in life is who you become and the effect you have on other people. Berra's positive effect was as powerful as his muscular forearms. He was a man of uncommon decency and stood strong for equality and inclusion.
While women's professional sports leagues are growing their business and are still relatively young, the American obsession with sports is still largely focused on men.
Karess: I completely agree. It’s important that we have this conversation so that we encourage others to do the same. I constantly
I would like to thank you, because without you I would not have had the greatest three weeks of my life.
Pat: I wish I could take the way people are expressing an emotion and force it onto someone else who may not have sympathy
Akil Patterson: Do you think that having a gay sports role model will help young people? Will Sheridan: Just knowing that
To create that future -- a future in which there can be an openly gay player at the World Cup -- it is up to all of us to join and accelerate the movement. Both LGBT and straight athletes must engage and take action.
Important, positive words like 'love' and 'games' got put into a new context for him. I'm convinced those words will become building blocks that will offer him support when the questions became more complicated.
Each year the NFL Draft is filled with fascinating, engaging and unique storylines. Some are well-known, others are told for the first time, but rarely, if ever, do they have the historical impact like Michael Sam's selection will.
You never know who is listening, and you never know how a casual use of a slur will impact a teammate.