A HuffPost investigation has uncovered more disturbing allegations out of a New York City private school. Now, the New York City Department of Education says it’s investigating.
A HuffPost investigation has revealed claims of abuse at a school run by a notorious anti-gay pastor in New York.
An LGBT advocacy group hopes to secure the ATLAH World Missionary Church for its homeless clients.
In Harlem, we know hate hurts. No matter if the hatred comes from a streetcorner demagogue, or a candidate for presidency of the United States. Hate words have a way of turning into hate actions. Every soul is precious. No one is disposable.
Less than a week ago, Starbucks released its very first LGBT commercial. Not long after, the pastor of Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church in Harlem claimed Starbucks is "ground zero for Ebola" because of its LGBT appeal. So a group of us got together and decided to protest this new Atlah message in the most loving way we know: with free Starbucks coffee!
It might behove church members to know that the verse in the Bible actually reads, "Or do you not know that wrongdoers will
"No, I'm not a hater," Manning concludes after eight minutes. "I'm a preacher of the Word of God." Manning's message has
An anti-gay church in New York City's Harlem neighborhood greeted passersby with a horrifying, homophobic message: "Jesus
Rev. Manning's homophobia is dangerous and is an affront not only to historic Harlem, but also to the Christian tradition. I am not saying Rev. Manning should be run out of Harlem, but I am saying that it is worthy of some thought.