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The Atlanta Braves broadcasters really took issue with players adorned in T-shirts.
Gentrification and frustration with the outgoing mayor have put the city in play for independent Mary Norwood.
"It went out of the Braves' field, so that was good," Jayce Blalock said.
Today, my family said goodbye to Turner Field, our family park. I'll never think about it without thinking of that immortal Frank Sinatra song "There used to be a ballpark..."
When Mo Speights airballed his fade away three-pointer in the closing seconds of Game 7, it didn't just seal a Cavs victory, but relieved a crushing desperation from a city that has endured a generation of jokes.
A historic franchise moving away from the city that fostered it sets a dangerous precedent that is guaranteed to be cited by the avaricious owners of the future. We are entering an age where owners chase money from local government like Kevin Durant in free agency.
The Braves' departure from Atlanta feels worse than breaking up with someone, possibly because there is so much injustice and the whiff of public corruption interwoven in the narrative of how it happened.
Beset by scandal and facing exciting rival sports, baseball is again seeking to recapture its past glory, with a focus on future players and young fans, with an assist from veterans who played the game the way it should have been played.
Tommy Hanson, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, has died at the age of 29. An Atlanta Braves representative told
During Game 3 of the World Series Friday night, there will come a point bigger than the game itself. Potential will take on a new meaning when 50,000 people in a baseball stadium symbolically "stand up to cancer."