Atlanta Public Schools

Something remarkable happened as the cheating case, which dates back to 2005, unfolded. Over the last 13 years, Atlanta students have made significant progress on another test, the widely respected National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), administered through the Education Department and considered the "gold standard" of educational testing in the U.S.
The images of 11 black educators being handcuffed and boarded onto a prison bus only fueled my fury. I learned from the local news that they would be denied visitors (their lawyers excepted) for two weeks -- as per county jail policy.
Prosecutors allege that educators hungry for cash bonuses participated in a "cleverly disguised conspiracy" in 2009 to erase
CBS 5 - KPHO The investigations and pending punitive actions come from a two-year investigation released last summer that
The superintendent also pointed to improved testing security measures, such as locked safe rooms to store testing materials
"I don't have children, but that's no excuse for me not to use my talents, abilities and time to speak out," Dyer told Creative
A contrary example resides in Indiana. The Project School, a K-9 charter school in Bloomington, has started to teach standardized
The district, however, cannot take administrative action to fire those teachers without sufficient evidence -- which is currently
Why did the teachers do what they did? In July, Hall repeatedly denied being aware of widespread cheating during her tenure
Thousands of dollars to media consultants. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers. Millions of dollars to teachers and