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Atlantic Media has held talks with a number of potential buyers interested in digital media about a sale of or potential
"In the long run, I don’t think a weekly print magazine can thrive."
The Atlantic said that this latest digital-based change will only benefit readers, bringing all the top news stories into
The Indian news cycle has been operating at a feverish pitch of late. American media players are attempting to foray into the Indian market for online news, and results have been mixed so far.
Quartz, the new business news site launched this week by Atlantic Media, has had good advance press. But I'm not buying the pre-launch hype until Quartz can convince me that it was deserved.
A collection of senior lawmakers gathered at a Washington panel last Wednesday to reflect on the possibility of cooperation across party lines in the 112th Congress.
That night, three years after Politico's launch, Mr. Bradley asked Mr. Smith two things: Was he committed, long term, to
Linda Douglass, the veteran network correspondent who became President Obama's chief health care spokeswoman, is heading
Now beyond this circumstantial pattern, I cannot prove that Strategic Vision is intentionally blocking access to their site
The President is right to signal we need to spend money on health care. We can't afford not to do it. The most expensive thing is to do is to just sit and do nothing at all.