The last thing Manning would ever fathom for the church space is it becoming NYC's largest homeless shelter and resource center for LGBTQ African American youth. And the Ali Forney Center has launched a fundraising drive to grab the space.
Ikarios planted the grape vine of Dionysos and made wine. He gave some of that wine to some farmers who got drunk and killed
Added "hearing" technology could even allow human squad members to issue spoken commands such as "stop," "sit" or "come here
Clicking gears and spinning flywheels have brought to life everything from impossibly detailed peacocks to roaring tigers. Feast your eyes on some of the world's most incredible automated beasts.
Whether its a garden devoted to handmade likenesses, or simply nature accidentally recreating phallic imagery, sometimes it seems like there are penises everywhere. Take a look at some of the more phallic places across the world.
If the Internet has served only one purpose in the world, it is most definitely to prove that people love cats. Take a look at some of the world's foremost kitten collections and realize that your precious pet video is just a shadow of these museums' devotion.
"Maps," written and illustrated by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, came out earlier this month from Big Picture
"In February I went to IndieCade East because we had a video game in it called Blindside and stood in line for an hour, tired
The new ATLAS telescopes will scan the visible sky twice a night in search of faint objects that might represent dangerous
"The LHC's performance has exceeded all expectations over the last three years," Steve Myers, the director for accelerators
The latest results from the Atlas experiment indicate that there may be two different Higgs bosons—one that weighs 123.5
We need maps that people enjoy spending time with; maps that they'll voluntarily look at long enough to learn something.
2011-08-02-Screenshot20110802at4.33.16PM.jpg We're back here once again, watching Heidi, Nina, and Michael Kors blithely destroy young dreams.
Any movie version of Atlas Shrugged that is not itself a great big huge mess will have failed to remain faithful to its source, leaving me, for one, very cross.
That impossible-to-please friend, that cranky relative, that coffee table begging for something more interesting than last
Would you shell out $5800 for a book? It may be worth it in the case of a new collector's edition atlas called "Earth." The