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As Arctic waters warm, shipping traffic is rapidly increasing in their favored habitats.
One of the last pieces of the chunk known as B-15 is cracking up.
Measuring about just a centimeter across, sand bubbler crabs can cover an entire beach in little sand balls within just a couple of hours after a tide retreats.
Three weeks into fall and already sick of homework? Spain may have a tactical answer. CEAPA, a kind of mega-PTA representing the parents of schoolkids across the country, has recommended that fed-up students go on a homework strike.
By Jack Goodman, originally published in Atlas Obscura. The winner from May 2016, Chris Anderson, was a soldier in the British
For many, then, this corner of New York has a certain magnetism. Most American Mormons now live in the West, but thousands
By Eric Grundhauser, originally published in Atlas Obscura. China has unveiled a panda-themed subway train that might set
A beach in New Zealand was given to the public after a crowdfunding campaign with almost 40,000 donors raised $1.7 million
The library is already receiving a number of tourists who can now wander the same stacks and sprawling courtyards that scholars
"Futuristic man will live such a wonderful life! Everything will come to him so, so easily! If someone knocks at the door
This second shipwreck, seen above, appeared on Friendly Beaches, on the island's east coast. Mike Nash, a historian for Tasmania's
by David Doochin, originally posted on Atlas Obscura Shot between just after 3 p.m. to about 4 p.m. by YouTuber Dallas Nagata
But for a few weeks each year, a group of fireflies at Great Smoky Mountains National Park does something a little different
The green smears are easily hosed off, but that just hides the larger issues, say Joshi and other concerned citizens. On
For 107 hours, from May 7 to May 11, Portugal was the greenest country in the world.
While some are easily accessible, others are off the beaten path. Park visitors like to go on scavenger hunts to find them
The Cingino Dam is actually a bit easier for the Alpine ibex to climb than other constructed dams because the rough surface
For now scientists can only report they have a strong suspicion the lake is there, based on satellite imagery that reveals