Atlas Obscura

As Arctic waters warm, shipping traffic is rapidly increasing in their favored habitats.
One of the last pieces of the chunk known as B-15 is cracking up.
Some believe the mushroom can answer their prayers.
Measuring about just a centimeter across, sand bubbler crabs can cover an entire beach in little sand balls within just a couple of hours after a tide retreats.
Three weeks into fall and already sick of homework? Spain may have a tactical answer. CEAPA, a kind of mega-PTA representing the parents of schoolkids across the country, has recommended that fed-up students go on a homework strike.
With a mixture of sprint-running, gravity and plenty of guts, the runners race to get down to the bottom first. At the start
"--and a Nephite told us." "And described his outfit." It was somewhere in these borderlands between Disney and Jerusalem
By Eric Grundhauser, originally published in Atlas Obscura. China has unveiled a panda-themed subway train that might set
The Awaroa beach is located inside Abel Tasman National Park, on the north end of the country's South Island. (Tasman, a
The library is already receiving a number of tourists who can now wander the same stacks and sprawling courtyards that scholars