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The producers of the wildly unpopular "Atlas Shrugged" trilogy of movies have had a rough going at the hands of the free market, with the first two movies failing to recoup their cost at the box office.
Still, you might as well donate away, if you want to see the third installment. We are obviously well past rational self
With the ideology that success is unimportant and the man with experience redistributing wealth is more qualified to lead the nation than the wealth creator himself, Ayn Rand's prophesy is becoming disturbingly similar to reality.
Atlas Shrugged Part 2 just came out in theatres. The book is better, my liking for it being one of the few things I have in common these days with Congressman Ryan.
Why don't liberals admire Ayn Rand and her philosophy of objectivism, so forcefully presented in this book and film?
[via Indiewire/The Playlist] Not to be confused with the awesome trailer for "Cloud Atlas," the first teaser for "Atlas Shrugged
Even Steven Spielberg's film about President Lincoln was pushed to after the election, despite the fact that it will be ready
"As we all well know, the ideas brought to life in Atlas Shrugged are entirely antithetical to the idea of 'self-sacrifice
Liberals should find much to respect and admire in Ayn Rand, who was a champion of individual rights, was outspoken against racism and bigotry and discrimination against minorities, and most notably was way ahead of her time in championing women's rights.
Atlas is a movie about railroads and steel, the ribs and heart of an America past. It is a world like our world but just missing reality.