atmosphere So here is a painting I did just before I went to join my friends. When the subject of your
One of the striking things about The Innocents and the other books in the series is how the town of Jericho almost becomes
The Rhymesayers label has become the international ambassador of Twin Cities hip-hop. Since 1995, they have consistently produced albums that have given underground hip-hop lovers exactly what they want.
Representatives of the nations of the world will gather together in Paris this week to discuss steps they can take to limit the production of greenhouse gases, and therefore ameliorate the effects of climate change. What can we expect from this meeting? Will it produce any realistic results?
Methane gas is not friendly to us, when exposed to it in huge amounts. Which at the moment the Earth has tons of. It is a
We now stand at a crossroads. However unintentional, humans are responsible for climate change. It is time we own up to that and deal with the problem in earnest. For what we do today will forever determine our future trajectory. Could this crisis be the impetus that moves us to the next stage of civilization or to extinction?
Autumn should be seen Photos & text: Roeselien Raimond You shouldn't talk about autumn. Autumn should
While everyone else is watching the steadily increasing carbon dioxide levels reach and exceed 400 parts per million (0.04 percent of the atmosphere), another group of scientists have been fretting over the Second Greenhouse Gas: methane.
A recent groundbreaking study led by Chinese and American scientists, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAC), documents how pollution from US- outsourced manufacturing in China blows back to California and the West Coast.
While his classic tracks have already taken their place as legendary club music, Kaskade's more recent music demonstrates
Because comets contain large amounts of water and other ices, the notion that bombardments by comets deposited much of Earth's water has seemed to be almost a measure of faith. But a variety of recent studies place this idea into a somewhat harsh context.
The motions of the hot spots fit the pattern of a Rossby wave in the atmosphere, the team reports. Rossby waves are also
ScienceNOW, the daily online news service of the journal Science Even though many of the planets orbit their stars very closely
A huge explosion on the sun has flung a wave of solar particles toward Earth, an eruption that may amp up northern lights
What a delicious irony if future generations could look back to Texas as the catalyst that ultimately afforded legal protection to the sky.
In the right of this image is another atmospheric spectacle: a row of so-called von karman vortices, caused by the Pacific
According to NASA, it's a collection of charged particles around the Earth -- known as the magnetosphere -- that protect
Sixty-five percent of participants said they somewhat or strongly disagree that if global warming takes place, "scientists