As a human development researcher who studies how technology influences relationships, I wanted to understand if people who are anxious about dating or about what their partner thinks of them are more likely to sext.
So, how can we make changes that will actually alter and improve the dynamics of our relationship? What attachment research
In the online course I co-lead with Dr. Daniel Siegel, "Making Sense of Your Life," he and I discuss how to go about the
Instead of being a reliable source of comfort, trust and safety, relationships become hard work and unstable because there
Sadly, if you are naturally anxious, or preoccupied by relationships--if you've come to expect abandonment or rejection, and
No matter who a judge deems as "right," no matter which party loses his or her case, the truth is, the person who will be most impacted, to either his detriment or his benefit, is the child.
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As men are now being called upon to spend more time and participate in the direct care of their kids, they often find themselves emotionally overwhelmed trying to balance work, relationship and family demands.
The researchers concede that the data could be interpreted in other ways. They note that it’s possible that “owners select
I have represented mothers of infants who do not want to be always available to them, who want time away, who want the fathers to share the burden as well as the joy. And if those parents are happier with that arrangement, doesn't that benefit their babies?
For those Americans who have been materially successful, it may seem like everyone else simply chose not to follow the same path, but the reality is that most Americans don't know how to find that path.
What this research yielded challenges to a significant extent the popular belief that "excessive" online gaming is psychologically harmful, or that "gamers" lack social skills. What they found was that social skills were not predictive of devoting more time to online gaming.
We can learn what drives contemporary behavior by shining a spotlight on our past. In doing so, we're not dwelling on what happened to us or letting it rule our lives. Rather, we are taking control of our present.
Psychological scientists Jeffry Simpson of the University of Minnesota and Nikola Overall of the University of Auckland have been working for some time on a dyadic model that they believe better illuminates how real couples deal with insecurity issues every day.