Besides making us feel more powerful, scapegoating can harness our instincts to resist threats to our freedom and autonomy
Now after a year of thought, I get it. Some of us feel very invisible. Widowhood, divorce, lack of friends, and boredom as
"Think about it the next time you walk through woods listening to the odd cries and calls of the creatures that live there
4. Most women our age are no longer in love with their bodies, so fall in love with your mind. 3. I had an unpleasant medical
I explained it to a client in this way. He learned about the strength that existed within, the discipline needed to succeed
As we, like the puppy, practice the art of stepping into our fears and repeatedly standing in the fire of challenges and opportunities that we might prefer to avoid, our capacity to face into the unfaceable grows and deepens.
In the end, the wedding was beautiful and the bride was surprisingly relaxed and sweet on her wedding day. I got to see the girl I met a year ago, and it was a relief for all us involved in her planning. But, everything in-between certainly made the planning more difficult. And, really? Was it worth it?
So embrace the intermission as best you can. Use it. Know that the new act will begin. Get yourself ready.
I'm writing this as a self-reminder, although I'm sure you guys could use one too.
This article first appeared on Dear Mom, The big question appalled and surprised parents often ask their child
And in those moments... when we let go of our stubborn hold on our plan, the unexpected turn of events became another part
If you enjoy reading travel blogs, you’ve most likely come across articles asking you to take a good, long look at yourself
A recent work trip found me networking with two women I hadn't met before. It didn't take long before I noticed a pattern pop up. Let's see if you catch it.
Who hasn't made a wish while blowing out a candle or breaking a wishbone? Mythical thinking, loosely defined as a story or a tale, can't be proven. Lacking any real facts, this type of future thinking is used to explain the world around us. Fundamental to all human beings, the notion of mythical thinking never really leaves us.
"I was just being an advocate for what was the best out there, which just so happened to be me."
Remind yourself that life choices are different for different people at different times in their lives. That other people's beliefs might not always apply.