Attorney General of California

“In California, we have chosen not to use taxpayer money to support laws discriminating against the LGBTQ community,” the California attorney general’s office said.
The raids netted more than 950,000 plants from nearly 350 growing operation sites this year through the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting program.
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and 19 other attorneys general are suing the Trump administration over its action on the Flores settlement.
California, Maine, Hawaii and the District of Columbia are accusing Purdue Pharma of helping fuel the rise in drug overdoses linked to opioids.
After a marathon day of House hearings, the EPA administrator was hit with a new complaint from California and 15 other areas.
It is easy to see the villainous face of someone who steals your identity for their own gain, but what about these "trillion" dollar credit card companies that take your money without your consent?