Aubrey McClendon

McClendon's Chevy Tahoe slammed into a concrete bridge one day after he was indicted for violating anti-trust laws.
No matter what, it is time to take back our democracy from billionaires that control major industries like oil and gas, and whose influence spreads far and wide to create policies that keep us hooked on what they're selling.
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It could be one of the highest-profile criminal antitrust cases in decades.
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons Argentina's government, in a presentation posted online by the Undersecretariat of Mining
Bob Murray, owner of American Energy Corporation Century Mine in Ohio, sued Aubrey McClendon for allegedly infringing upon his company's copyright in August 2013. He claimed McClendon commandeered the "American Energy" brand.
American Energy Partners CEO Aubrey McClendon; Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot The American Energy Partners fracking lease
I don't think it'll have a huge impact on total production. We still have so many fields that haven't been fully worked over
Aubrey McClendon's penchant for "land grab" as a business model made the recently-ousted Chesapeake Energy CEO infamous -- and he's at it again for his new start-up hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") company in Ohio's Utica Shale basin.
According to the company's proxy statement filed with regulators on Friday, Chesapeake also altered the terms of McClendon's
* McClendon to receive $47 million in compensation Last June, Reuters reported that Chesapeake plotted with Encana, its top
Since late 2009, there's been a slowly-growing wave of attacks from the unconventional oil and gas industry on media outlets that cover the controversies surrounding hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and other shale gas practices.
A Justice Department spokesman declined to comment. News of the discussions between Encana and Chesapeake, the second-largest
Will the parade of leaders who fail to fulfill their leadership responsibilities ever end? CEOs are public figures. Their actions are constantly being scrutinized inside and outside their organizations. For this reason their actions must be beyond reproach.
Given radioactive wastewater, earthquakes, and flammable tap water, one might think that drilling and fracking could not possibly have any more dirty secrets. But here's the biggest secret of all: it's expensive.
Here we have this enormous dichotomy between insider trading in stocks and bonds, and commodities. The difference being, with commodity trading, most everyone is impacted.
Chesapeake, like other natural gas producers, has suffered as prices for the fuel have tumbled to their lowest levels in