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1. Commute time is up. The average commuter 9 full days each year commuting, according to a Washington Post article. For
Donald Trump's Statement After 2005 Audio Leak
Let's spend a little time discussing something to which we often don't pay enough attention to when it comes to adult filmmaking -- the musical component.
The goal is to provide a product for the visually impaired, and DA is successful in that regard. But it also does something else: It allows for private porn consumption in public.
I've been called a whore, a tease, a groupie, a sycophant and everything in between. That sh*t is not ok, but I'm guessing none of it is news for any woman who works in a male-dominated field.
Headphones have become as much a part of today's fashion as hats were in the 1930s and appear in various styles - - - wireless, wired, Bluetooth, NFC, in-ear, over-ear and on-ear.
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This takes us back to "3D Audio" - is there such a thing? Well, to clarify, we hear in stereo, or should I say binaural (our
What followed gave me goosebumps. This was the second set of speakers, so now I could choose to listen to just set A, just