OVER-EAR Grado RS2e - This multi-generational family business takes their headphones seriously. Very seriously. Each pair
I'm not feeling badly about the leaning tower of books in my bedroom, though. I'm still all for turning pages. But honestly
Donald Trump's Statement After 2005 Audio Leak
Let's spend a little time discussing something to which we often don't pay enough attention to when it comes to adult filmmaking -- the musical component.
The goal is to provide a product for the visually impaired, and DA is successful in that regard. But it also does something else: It allows for private porn consumption in public.
I've been called a whore, a tease, a groupie, a sycophant and everything in between. That sh*t is not ok, but I'm guessing none of it is news for any woman who works in a male-dominated field.
Headphones have become as much a part of today's fashion as hats were in the 1930s and appear in various styles - - - wireless, wired, Bluetooth, NFC, in-ear, over-ear and on-ear.
Talking to Jonathan Levine, the founder of Master & Dynamic, about crystal clear sound, gorgeous product design and his appreciation
So, does it work? Not really. Well, half of it does I suppose. What it does show off fantastically is everything that was
Now, I'm not anti-digital. I'm not against CDs, MP3s or having your entire music library on a device significantly smaller
The report also found that U.S. adults were increasingly using their mobile phones to access online video via YouTube and
We used the Roxa with an old Yamaha receiver and were able to stream music from our smartphone through the system in a matter
Listen to poems by Anna Akhmatova set to music by Iris DeMent on the Poetry Foundation website. Poetry Off the Shelf is a
"Cranberry Cranberry Cranberry" In this episode, the editors discuss Amy Newman's "Howl," Alice Notley's "This Fire," and
Visit the Poetry Foundation website to listen to Li-Young Lee read his poem "A Hymn to Childhood," with an introduction to his life and work.
Some highlights from this week: Seymour Hersh: The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden (London Review Of Books) Never miss an episode
In this episode of Nicholas Snow Live, I bring you the complete audio recording of the oral argument in 14-556, Obergefell v. Hodges, and consolidated cases.
6. Gramophone for the iPhone For the Victorian era fan, there is now a Gramophone speaker for your iPhone. No electricity
This is the new reality of skiing and snowboarding. With a smartphone at the center, we have an integrated system of technology that tracks our runs, captures the experience with immersive detail.
Ben Carson: I'm Not Going to Talk About Gay Rights Anymore