"I never thought we’d be standing here without my dad, and I’m sure he would be proud and honored,” Cornell's son, Christopher, said.
We will never know another man’s anguish.
His death was described as "sudden and unexpected."
With their faces disguised by black, tar-like cloth--shaded further by dark top hats, enshrouded in ostentatious suiting--grunge-rock duo The Lost Poets are equal parts visual and sonic, building a shadowy artistic experience with image as much as with their instruments.
"Bulls On Parade" - Rage Against The Machine "Ghetto Blaster" - Street Sweeper Social Club "Guerilla Radio" - Rage Against
The good vibes and social justice focus are in keeping with his foundation Axis of Justice (co-founded with Serj Tankian
Chris Cornell has a new single, "The Kepper", from the Machine Gun Preacher film and soundtrack. Here he discusses how it came together.
If you were expecting another All That You Can't Leave Behind or How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - Part II, forget it. U2 is back to experimenting.