The agency said its commissioner had asked the IRS inspector general to look into the randomness of the audits targeting two former FBI leaders.
“It just defies logic to think that there wasn’t some other factor involved,” Andrew McCabe said.
It's easier for the IRS to enforce compliance with the earned income tax credit than to go after high-income tax cheats.
Even so, the final results on the 2020 presidential election recount won't be "worth the paper they're printed on," said Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.
The turmoil casts even more doubt on the conclusions of what backers describe as a “forensic audit” but what experts and critics say is a deeply flawed, partisan process.
A DOJ official said that federal voting rights authorities are keeping a "close eye" on what is going on around the country.
State Republicans backed off a similar plan months ago after the Justice Department warned such activity could be considered voter intimidation.
To “celebrate” tax deadline day, here’s a reminder that not only did President Donald Trump refuse to reveal his tax returns, he loved to brag about how little money he paid to the IRS