audra mcdonald

McDonald, a six-time Tony winner, said she hoped artists would continue to fight for equality after an unprecedented 18-month theater shutdown.
The three-time Oscar winner crooned "The Ladies Who Lunch" with pals Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald while chugging cocktails and wearing bathrobes.
John Robert Allman's "A Is for Audra" celebrates Patti LuPone, Idina Menzel, Barbra Streisand and more.
As she preps for a new concert, the six-time Tony winner urges America to "stay awake and vigilant" post-midterms.
The women both plan to be on hand at the 2018 Human Rights Campaign gala.
"Mom, would you just concentrate on having the baby!" her teen daughter said.
Once again, the New York theatre world has had a banner year, with exciting plays, musicals and revivals on Broadway and off.