audrey hepburn

The "A Star Is Born" actress shut down another red carpet.
The Duchess of Sussex has found her signature style.
The iconic couturier died Saturday at the age of 91.
The couturier was perhaps best known for dressing actress Audrey Hepburn in her film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."
How do you first approach designing for a new show? I always start with a breakdown of the script, a map of where the character
"He was very hands on!" according to Cecilia. "He drove us to school on his way to work, he was very involved in our school
the social stigma surrounding ladies who are uncoupled by choice or by chance still runs deep. Below, 25 accomplished women -- including Shonda Rhimes and Diane Keaton -- discuss what being alone and living as single, independent women means to them.
A few years later she signed on to do Deborah Kerr's vocals in The King and I after the contracted singer was in a fatal
Turn off the news, put your shoes on. Take me on a date, to the movies tonight. We'll park the car, our masks, the world outside, and head into the old theater, where they play reels in black and white.
Add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your holidays this year with our chic roundup of cinematic-inspired décor,certain to
Earlier this week, James Franco duped fans -- and publications from Elle Magazine to TV Guide -- into thinking he got a tattoo of Emma Watson on his neck.
Well, it's not really 20 years, because we only got there in 2007 when I did the Godfather films for Paramount at Warner
As much as we'd like to be the one who goes all out for Halloween -- full face paint, crazy costume, the works -- we just aren't. We'd rather take the holiday as an opportunity to switch up our standard beauty look and pay tribute to our favorite beauty icons.
He felt like Marlon Brando, and I like Audrey Hepburn. But in the pristine white marble lobby of the grand 1893 Art Deco building, what we looked like, really, was out of place.