Audrie Pott

The story of sexual assault and victimization through social media has unfortunately become commonplace. Between the universality of cellphones with cameras and the widespread cultural adoption of social media, victims are often trapped in a wrath of character assassination and name-calling long after their assault.
Hearing about Audrie Pott's suicide (that was linked to being assaulted and humiliated) was heartbreaking and only fueled me to go out and preach prevention and awareness more.
We can start with our own spheres of influence, whether at work, at school or among friends. How will you start the conversation among your friends? What strategies will you use to point out slut-shaming when you see it?
The new romantic comedy Obvious Child is about Donna, a young bawdy comedian who has a one-night-stand and becomes pregnant. Unprepared for parenthood emotionally or financially, she has an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Although Donna and her friends live and breathe four-letter words, there's one they never mention.
But Josh Eells' cover story in Rolling Stone suggests that Cyrus is actually quite self-possessed. "No one is talking about
High-profile incidents such as the suicide of Audrie Pott have shined a spotlight on the issue in recent years. Pott was
San Francisco
With the rise of websites like the now-shuttered "Is Anyone Up?," revenge porn has become an increasingly prevalent phenomenon
She took her own life days later, sending shock waves through her hometown of Saratoga, an affluent northern California community
Why are so many boys so sure they can get away with rape? Or learning that their status is enhanced by sharing photo-documentary evidence of their actions? As one boy asked at a recent talk I gave: "How is forwarding a picture a girl sends me of herself different from forwarding a picture of my toaster?"