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As winter officially turned into spring, Leslie Day was in Fort Tryon Park at the northern tip of Manhattan signing her latest book, Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City.
How has the most powerful El Niño in nearly two decades and the extraordinary weather patterns it spawned this winter affected birds? You can join with tens of thousands of volunteer citizen scientists to help find the answer.
Mr. Franzen, put your considerable talent to work again and this time, persuade your readers to think of both species conservation and climate change with every action. Changing human behavior has worked in the past and can work now.
For the first time in nearly a hundred years, bald eagles are nesting in New York City.
As global temperatures rise, as weather patterns shift, as vital bird habitats dwindle and disappear, familiar and beloved species will leave for more suitable locales or die out completely.
If this 1.3 metric ton poison drop is allowed to move forward, thousands of wild animals will be inhumanely poisoned, and in turn, those killed become a poisoned food source for other animals.
Most of the original environmental conservationists were hunters -- including Theodore Roosevelt and Audubon Society founder, George Bird Grinnell. This alliance no longer exists due to the polarization of the gun control debate.
I think of my friend Freddy Santana Rodriguez, whom I met when I followed ospreys that were migrating down through Cuba. As
This planet, this Gaia, she's what we've got, she's where we belong, she's big and beautiful, and she needs our attention.
To the relief of all the world's nations, a truce has been declared in the (utterly fake and nonsensical) war between President