Jimmy Kimmel highlighted that newscasters around the nation cannot seem to believe it's August.
If the past is any prologue, by the end of the week nobody's going to even remember this speech, because by then Trump will have had at least two or three blowups out on the campaign trail -- which will become the story, instead.
It's August. The political conventions are over. They have left me with sleepless nights and high blood pressure. And there are so many days to go of increasing nastiness and vicious side-taking.
I should love August. I was married August 18, 1968, and am getting close to celebrating the 50-year mark. But I have always disagreed with T.S. Eliot who proclaimed in his poem 'The Wasteland' that 'April is the cruelest month.' For me it's August.
ISLA HOLBOX, MEXICO If you’re heading to Nantucket or the South of France this August, we envy you. But if you’re trying
The common thread for a retailer, hotelier or restaurant is great service and experience; therefore, in the Caribbean, the challenge is keeping the core values consistent with its international counterparts.
August is the last month for lots of great summer fruits, but it's also the time to embrace the ones that are going to be around for a little bit longer.
No worries, if many small shops, such as local butchers, bakers, cheese and fruit shops are closed for the month, there is never going to be any shortage of food in Paris! After all, we're talking about the capital of good food!