August Wilson

His longtime agent Michael Greene said the late actor's mother "taught him not to have people fuss over him."
Taraji P. Henson won a SAG award as one of the cast members of the film “Hidden Figures,” where she gave an inspiring speech
“We deserve to be in the canon, in the center of any narrative, and that’s what August [Wilson] did."
In that, Jitney is not unlike Stephen Sondheim's early Saturday Night, written in 1954 but not completed until the composer
August Wilson might be best known for Fences but the Broadway debut of Jitney it's clear the late playwright has a whole
Meanwhile, the film version of Fences is playing throughout the country, starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis recreating
How do you bring the brilliant, Pulitzer Prize winning Fences, to the screen? You stick close to August Wilson's jazz poetry
In the next Thanksgiving Dinner, a daughter shows up at the table with a Muslim boyfriend... Huh, I thought watching. The
Whenever the anniversary of a famous author's birth or death reaches a significant milestone, critics and creative types may stop, look back, and think about a particular artist's cultural contribution.
Some of the plays combine the two, such as Matthew Lopez's The Whipping Man (the company's third-best-selling production ever), Danai Gurira's The Convert, and Will Power's Fetch Clay, Make Man -- all extremely well done and well reviewed.