A Henry Pratt Co. spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the facility will be open for employees to receive emotional support after Friday's deadly shooting.
Joshua Nowlan, 36, Aurora, Colorado. Aurora theater shooting, July 20, 2012. Joshua Nowlan worked at a cinema advertising
It's true, Disney movies *do* teach us that human friends suck.
When two photographers get engaged, you know the photos are going to be amazing.
Olga Smirnova describes her experience playing the role of a classic fairy tale princess.
Planned Parenthood funding has long been a target of Republicans, who are upset that the organization offers abortion services, even though federal funds cannot be used by law to provide abortion.
But follow-up stories on this strange and critical race are badly needed. I'm not saying Aurora's congressional race, our
I explained to Plunkett that as a progressive media critic, I look for instances where news outlets tilt rightward. That's
I don't recall Coffman, whose Democratic opponent in this year's election is State Sen. Morgan Carroll, making an ad saying
Urban Aurora is obviously different than Texas, but, still, it's not fully certain that the network of Medicaid-friendly
Since 1963 more than 176,000 children have died from gun violence in America — over three times more than all the soldiers killed in action in the Vietnam War and every external conflict since. Our children have a right to grow up in a caring and decent society that protects their right to live and learn in safety.