A Henry Pratt Co. spokeswoman told The Associated Press that the facility will be open for employees to receive emotional support after Friday's deadly shooting.
Joshua Nowlan, 36, Aurora, Colorado. Aurora theater shooting, July 20, 2012. Joshua Nowlan worked at a cinema advertising
It's true, Disney movies *do* teach us that human friends suck.
When two photographers get engaged, you know the photos are going to be amazing.
Olga Smirnova describes her experience playing the role of a classic fairy tale princess.
Planned Parenthood funding has long been a target of Republicans, who are upset that the organization offers abortion services, even though federal funds cannot be used by law to provide abortion.
But follow-up stories on this strange and critical race are badly needed. The candidates, Republican Laura Woods and Democrat
"You're right," Plunkett acknowledged, "when a newspaper endorses someone, that same board is going to be, understandably
So no American dollars for birth control. None for family planning. Nothing for anything pre-sex or pre-zygote. As part of
But as they contemplate Coffman's news release, reporters should recall that the Aurora Republican voted six or seven times